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Remote and in-person

Whether you’re looking for time management training, electronic organization, better communications skills or a more organized office environment, Productivity Vermont’s hands-on, supportive, non-judgmental approach will help you create the changes you need to realize your full potential.

We help you develop personalized strategies to clear the clutter, improve efficiency, and boost performance at work.

What can I expect?

All individual training begins with a Productivity Vermont Assessment to evaluate where you are in the productivity spectrum and to identify your goals. We’ll consider your strengths as well as evaluate opportunities for improving your skills, and provide customized training to meet your needs.

Bringing confidence, humor, and enthusiasm to every session, we ask the right questions, engage you fully in the process, and provide personalized solutions so you create real change. With our guidance, you’ll build skills and gain confidence so you can practice streamlined decision-making and enjoy improved productivity long after we leave.

Most services are provided remotely via the virtual platform of your choice.


Ready to Get Started?

We work collaboratively, listen closely without judgment, customize solutions to meet your unique challenges, and offer valuable support as you refine new skills and habits.

Contact us now for 1:1 consulting!

Where are the before and after pictures?

Click to read our article about why you won’t find them here.


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Strengthened my Decision-Making Muscles

You have helped me strengthen my decision-making muscles, so that my office and life work better – thank you!I have control over my e-mail, and not vise-versa. I feel so much more calm, and I have more time and space in my schedule to really think about my work. Thanks so much, Porter.