The gift of serenity

A year ago today I was half way through a 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat. It was an amazing experience: Eleven hours a day of sitting meditation. No electronics, no music, no reading or writing material. No contact with another human. Though there were over 100 of us there, there was no talking, no eye contact, no gesturing or any other interaction. People often say “that must have been so hard,” but I can honestly report that it was not. It was soothing, centering, and rejuvenating. I have had a daily meditation practice for about 15 years, so for me it was not “transformational,” though if you were new to meditation, I expect it would be. However, I definitely found that the experience deepened and enriched my existing practice.

When you feel chaos or overwhelm encroaching, I invite you to consider the gift of serenity. A centered mind is at the core of all of the productivity strategies I teach. You, your family, and your team will be well-served by building solid skills to prepare your brain to perform, managing your brain in the face of stress, and creating systems to track and make good on your commitments.

When you set your intentions for the future, treat yourself first.

Let me know if I can help with you with some productivity training and support for yourself, or if you want to show your employees and your team that you value them by offering productivity training and support at the office.

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