Shared list boosts delegation and initiative

You’re not the only one who has wished you could clone yourself to get more stuff done. Recently I was working with a client who’s been consistently working 10 and 12 hour days, but the volume of demand for his production is unrelenting. Frantically treading water in all the work, he was at a loss to figure out how best to engage the several willing members of his team who could be taking some of the load.

Yet when we transitioned his actions to an electronic list that clearly spells out WHAT needs to get done, using action verbs, it became clear to him which of those tasks could be handled by someone else. Electronically sharing the list made it easy for those other team members to access the list, understand what needed to happen, and take action. Thus, electronically sharing the list improved delegation to the team and also allowed team members to take initiative.

Who could be helping you if you shared your list?

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