Overcome Experience Bias with Mindful Attention and Inquiry

Experience is not always the best teacher. Sometimes relying on what we learned in previous situations narrows our perspective and prevents us from hearing what others have to say. This “Experience Bias” occurs when we interpret someone else’s words or actions based on our own life experiences, blinding us to important information which can result in missed opportunities and poor decision making.

Embracing a questioning mindset challenges us to confront our own biases and preconceptions and helps us be better listeners.

Treat your own memories and experiences with a healthy dose of skepticism. Like advice from that wild uncle, there is likely a truth there, but it is probably not the whole truth and certainly not the only truth. Shared personal experiences can help create empathy and connection with each other’s humanity, but while we want to nurture that connection, we don’t want to overlay our experience onto another to the point that we obscure or misconstrue their perspective, or conflate it with ours.

Train yourself to be fully grounded in the here and now. Be curious and open. Ask questions. Look for data so you are not just relying on anecdotes and personal experiences. This mindful attention and inquisitive approach will help you make better decisions and strengthen your relationships.

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