Digital Detox

A key strategy to get more done is to put technology away. That doesn’t mean that you never use it, but numerous research studies illustrate a robust collection of cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits from actively engaging in tech-free time.

This ongoing research isn’t new. In 2011 Dr Camille Preston published the book “Rewired” documenting how our moment-to-moment overuse of technology not only undermines our performance at work, but actually damages our brains, our bodies, and our relationships. Her book then outlined myriad ways you can “unwire” yourself and reap a host of benefits.

If you feel glued to your phone or other device – or worse, if you feel unglued if you’re *not* attached to your phone or device, you might want to consider a little rewiring for yourself. You don’t have to go on a complete “Digital Detox Holiday” to reap benefits of some tech-free time (though having done that recently, I strongly recommend it!)

Consider ways to wean yourself from constant technology use in small increments daily:

  • Watch tv without your phone (put it in another room)
  • Turn your phone off and leave it in your purse or backpack during a meeting
  • Leave the phone at home when you walk the dog
  • Eat meals without screens (especially family meals or meals with friends)
  • Set phone on “Do not disturb” when working on a project that requires your attention
  • And, of course, leave all technology behind when you enter the bedroom. A bedroom is for rest, romance, and relaxation – ban all screens. You’ll sleep better. You’ll love better. And you’ll be better prepared for the next day.

With small daily efforts to function separately from your screens, you’ll rewire your brain’s ability to focus, which will boost your productivity. You’ll also experience improved physical and mental health, and stronger relationships. It sounds like magic, but it’s neuroscience. Give your brain a chance to rewire.

Let me know how it goes.

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