Buried in Email?

“I have a zero inbox now and it feels great!”

“Processing email this way has been transformative for me. I feel like I have a lot more headspace for other work, I don’t have a pile of “flagged” email messages and I much more efficiently deal with my email throughout the day.”

“Just wanted to end the week with a thank you, as I am headed home for the weekend with an empty inbox! It feels amazing.”

The key to staying on top of email is DOING it, not checking it. Email is real and legitimate work – it deserves scheduled time and attention in your day. But it isn’t your only work, so you have to turn it off so you can focus on other tasks. Eliminate any notifications so that you are not interrupted and distracted every time a new email comes in. Don’t peek at email constantly throughout the day. Sit down at scheduled intervals, focus on the action, do what needs to be done, and get the email out of your inbox.

Do it. Move it. Those two simple steps are the secret to an empty inbox.

Commit to consistently doing the work instead of checking. Let me know how it goes!

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