I worked for the local power company and had 10 offices. The company had Porter come in and do a presentation about being more organized and it sure helped me a lot. I would highly recommend her. She was full of energy and easy to listen to.


Porter is knowledgeable and friendly. She uses tools and processes that make sense, and meets people where they are at when it comes to creating an organized and productive space!

Vocational Counselor

I am fairly organized with calendars and emails, but my inbox starts filling up like a ship taking on water, and task flags claiming my defeat! Porter Knight walked me through my outlook calendar, email, and task flags with settings, tips, and speedy clicks! I have an empty inbox! My tasks are done! And I have an hour to spare!!! This one session was so much more than what I could have imagined! Thank you, Porter!

Vocational Counselor

Porter’s Advice is useful and immediately helpful. What I learned about multi-tasking has been invaluable. I heard Porter speak years ago and it is still valuable and still impacts my performance to this day!

Small Business Advisor

My work with Porter Knight has been invaluable. Her ability to get what makes me tick and personalize strategies for my needs was phenomenal. Before Porter’s help, I was having trouble managing all my emails, but she helped me reorganize and “tackle” the email process in a way that is incredibly freeing. I also appreciate the techniques she suggested to help me feel less overwhelmed and be more productive.

Hospital Executive

Porter is an engaging and thoughtful presenter and I was thrilled to see her on our conference schedule again. I use tips that she offered several years ago and now have several new take-aways to incorporate into my work environment.

Human Resources Manager

Our organization has had Porter present twice to our group – the first time was focused on organization and improving productivity and we have members 3 years later who have shared that the presentation changed their life when they learned how to do their email! We brought Porter back to focus on Overcoming Perfectionism and had such a wonderful experience engaging and reflecting on how perfectionism affects ourselves and our organizational culture and how a growth-mindset instead of perfectionism helps individuals personally and the organizational culture. Absolutely Amazing!

Business Manager

I so enjoyed meeting this week with Porter learn amazing strategies to make my professional and personal life feel more productive, lighter and happier. I am practicing it all and it feels amazing. I’m more inspired, motivated and feeling less stuck than ever before and am moving forward with a new sense of who I am and what I can accomplish thanks to Porter at Productivity Vermont. I highly recommend Porter and her skills, strategies and knowledge for any company, individual, entrepreneur, business owner or anyone that wishes to positive change their life.

Marketing Advisor

Great talk! Great ideas, and awesome speaker!

Conference Attendee

Thank you so much. I learned a lot, we got a lot accomplished, and it feels like positive momentum in our space!

Non-Profit Director

Many, many years ago you did a lecture at the school where I worked and you offered a tip to prevent becoming overrun by incoming mail. I’ve used your suggestion for 20 years and wanted to thank you for how well it works! I’ve also passed it on to friends.


Your presentation was informative and impactful, it is still fresh on my mind.

Human Resources Manager

You have a special gift, and I appreciate that you were not just immensely helpful, but also kind.


I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift of knowledge, action, and inspiration resulting my road to peace! Proof positive it works: In box = 0.


Following our work together, I was surprised at how much I accomplished in such a short amount of time! It felt really good to get so much crossed off my list.

Employment Specialist

This presentation was amazing and useful and reminds me of the little bits that matter.

Conference Attendee

Without exaggeration, this is the best evidence-based business coaching I have ever received. She really understood my specific challenges with organization and productivity. With interpersonal warmth and the precision of a laser, she targeted the key issues where I needed help, and devised sustainable strategies to dissipate the fog of procrastination. Highly recommended!


Following our work together, I was surprised at how much I was able to get done in such a short amount of time! It felt really good to get so much crossed off my list.
Career Counselor

Look at me – just doing it! I could be a Nike commercial since applying the ideas you taught me!
Program Coordinator

Social Services

I have a zero inbox now and it feels great! I love being on top of my email and freeing my brain up to focus on other work.
Front Of House Manager


Wow- what a terrific training – a total game changer! My nervous system feels much more regulated, and I am feeling more focused and productive.

Your training has been transformative for me. I feel like I have a lot more headspace and am functioning so much more efficiently.

Town Government

As I left the office yesterday, I took a look back and the vibe was so much better. I felt I had more ownership of the space. Thank you for taking the time to work with me.
Department Head

Town Government

Thank you so much. The session was so interesting and you are a gifted presenter.


It really is a process of re-wiring my thoughts and I just didn’t see it before. You ask a lot of important questions and you did make me work hard –but it was actually just what I needed to move forward from where I have been stuck.

Higher Ed

I can’t tell you how much you helped me. I could really get what you were saying as we went through the paper processing and it really stuck.

It was AMAZING being a client of yours yesterday on a one-on-one basis and I absolutely admire your work! No wonder everyone here speaks so highly of you. I can already feel the mental improvement your organizing tips have contribute to my workday. I appreciate all your tips and I will continue to implement them in my work.
Social Worker

Only positive feedback has been received; many have volunteered incremental changes they have begun, with much success. Attendees seemed to walk away with a lighter heart and mind, with a plan for improving their lifestyle.
Board Member


On behalf of our board, staff, and clients, please accept our immense gratitude for your excellent training – we are all feeling more productive and more centered.
Board President


I liked how Porter explained WHY and HOW our brains work. I’ve learned so much and am already feeling far less stressed!


You gave us so much to think about as we go about our daily lives. Thank you for presenting at our conference. The feedback forms were overwhelmingly positive.


I know you don’t use before and after pictures, but the difference in my space is stunning – people keep mentioning it! The transformation is truly incredible. Thank you.


Your newsletters offer such insights and informed guidance!

Hi Porter. I just wanted to share this image of my empty in-box with you. Thank you for teaching me how to confidently manage the never-ending stream of email. I’m getting so much done, and my team is noticing!

Social Services

Porter’s educative, non-judgmental approach is perfect for those of us who just can’t seem to get it together. Porter will help you define and implement the systems that you need to keep your work space, and life running smoothly. I am so grateful to her
Board Member


I have used Porter Knight on a couple of occasions, the last being more than ten years ago, but I can still hear her voice, giving me guidance and confidence. She is a pro!


Everywhere I’ve been since your presentation, I’ve run into people talking about the training, all with rave reviews – people really enjoyed your session! My favorite comment spoke to the fact that while you hit on some really big and important topics like leadership, you also got really into the weeds with specific tactical advice. Thank you.

Human Resource Manager

Higher Education

I have used Porter Knight on a couple of occasions, the last being more than ten years ago, but I can still hear her voice, giving me guidance and confidence. She is a pro!.



Using your strategies, I have simplified my folders and how I “DO” e-mail such that I have reclaimed 8 hours/week in my life. Thank you!


Municipal Solid Waste District

I have been really enjoying working on the concepts we discussed and put into action! I am feeling organized, productive and most importantly – in control of my work and tasks. Thank you for the valuable strategies.


Non Profit Agency

Porter has rock star status! We had double our usual attendance when she was scheduled to speak!

Program Planner

Women Business Owners' Network

Honestly, I spent yesterday trying to figure out how to avoid attending this training because I have so much work to do, but now I feel so much more at ease and I have tools to help me get more done and be better organized. I’m so glad I came, it is just what I needed!

Division Director

State of Vermont

Thank you for your help with our staff member. She has achieved a new level of organization and is highly energized about her new workspace. This was money well spent by the firm.

Senior Partner

Law Firm

I have control over my e-mail, and not vise-versa. I feel so much more calm, and I have more time and space in my schedule to really think about my work. Thanks so much, Porter.

Events & Program Coordinator

Higher Education

Productivity Vermont was a meeting planner’s dream! From the early planning stages to the actual presentation, Porter Knight made my life easy, and the presentation was absolutely terrific – extremely professional, informative, aspirational, energetic, and entertaining. It doesn’t get any better.

Program Planner

Business Center

Productivity Vermont’s coaching program helped me redefine my sense of trust in myself, making it possible for me to hold new perspectives and see more possibilities. I am taking action on big challenges that previously I saw as insurmountable.



The dog is starting to wag the tail, and I could not be happier! Thank you for teaching me how to set intention.


Medical Center

Excellent workshop yesterday! Everyone walked away with helpful tips that they can use immediately. Thank you for sharing your expertise!


Non Profit Agency

Far more than we had hoped for! The feedback for the time management and communication skills training has been resoundingly positive. Everyone was thrilled. Thank you, Porter.

Human Resource Manager

Law Firm

I loved your presentation. I’ve acted on many of the points you made, and have seen a real difference. The little workbook that you gave us has been incredibly useful! When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I open it and the notes get me right back on track. Thank you for a great program.

Human Resource Manager

Regional Hospital

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I cleaned out my inbox little by little using your suggestions, and succeeded today in hitting “zero” items. Yay to organization!


Payroll Company

You have helped me strengthen my decision-making muscles, so that my office and life work better – thank you!

Department Coordinator

Higher Education

You hit it out of the park! What I really liked about your presentation was that you delivered solid, useable information at a good pace with moments of levity.

Business Owner

Fitness Company

With a safe place for my papers and a system for email, I can now pursue my big projects! You made working on getting organized both easy and fun, teaching me to celebrate my successes and helping me build confidence while I learned to maintain my systems.

Vice-President Human Resources

Medical Products

Productivity Training



Training Topics

Time Management

E-mail Processing

Office Organizing



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