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Looking for a training workshop or keynote speaker? Productivity Vermont delivers top quality content and lively presentations that your group will remember for years to come.



Do you need to get organized? Productivity Vermont’s hands-on, supportive, non-judgmental approach will help you create the changes you need to realize your full potential.


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Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Are you feeling stressed out, stretched thin, and disorganized? Do you, or your staff, need new strategies to be more effective?

You can get more done with less stress.  Our personalized approach to workplace productivity offers life-changing techniques that will help you gain confidence as you learn to get organized.

With our proven strategies, you’ll discover a greater sense of control and build conviction in your decision-making. You’ll feel more centered, and better equipped to achieve your goals and advance your career.

Need individual training? We work collaboratively, listen closely without judgment, customize solutions to meet your unique challenges, and offer valuable support as you refine new skills and habits.  Contact us now for 1:1 consulting!

Want to boost your staff’s productivity? Our group workshops are lively and engaging, tailored for your audience, and filled with practical tips and strategies that your staff can start using right away.  Contact us now to invite Productivity Vermont to speak at your event!


Everywhere I’ve been since your presentation, I’ve run into people talking about your training.  All with rave reviews – people really enjoyed your session!  My favorite comment spoke to the fact that while you hit on some really big and important topics like leadership, you also got really into the weeds with specific tactical advice.  Thank you.

Human Resource Director
Higher Education

Productivity Vermont’s coaching program helped me redefine my sense of trust in myself, making it possible for me to hold new perspectives and see more possibilities. I am taking action on big challenges that previously I saw as insurmountable.


You have helped me strengthen my decision-making muscles, so that my office and life work better – thank you!

Department Coordinator
Higher Education

I have control over my e-mail, and not vise-versa. I feel so much more calm, and I have more time and space in my schedule to really think about my work. Thanks so much, Porter.

Event & Program Manager

Honestly, I spent yesterday trying to figure out how to avoid attending this training because I have so much work to do, but now I feel so much more at ease and I have tools to help me get more done and be better organized. I’m so glad I came, it is just what I needed!

Division Director
State of Vermont

Porter has rock star status! Attendance doubles when she is scheduled to speak.

Conference Planner

I loved your presentation. I’ve acted on many of the points you made, and have seen a real difference. The little workbook that you gave us has been incredibly useful! When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I open it and the notes get me right back on track. Thank you for a great program.

Human Resource Manager
Health Care

Far more than we had hoped for! The feedback for the time management and communication skills training has been resoundingly positive. Everyone was thrilled. Thank you, Porter.

Office Manager
Law Firm

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I cleaned out my inbox little by little using your suggestions, and succeeded today in hitting “zero” items. Yay to organization!

Client Services Manager
Payroll Company

Thank you for your help with our staff member.  She has achieved a new level of organization and is highly energized about her new workspace.  This was money well spent by the firm.

Senior Partner
Law Firm

The dog is starting to wag the tail, and I could not be happier! Thank you for teaching me how to set intention.

Health Care – Hospital

You hit it out of the park! What I really liked about your presentation was that you delivered solid, usable information at a good pace with moments of levity.

Business Owner

Excellent workshop yesterday! Everyone walked away with helpful tips that they can use immediately. Thank you. for sharing your expertise!


Using your strategies, I have simplified my folders and how I “DO” e-mail such that I have reclaimed 8 hours/week in my life. Thank you!

Senior Administrator
Municipal Government

I have been really enjoying working on the concepts we discussed and put into action! I am feeling organized, productive and most importantly – in control of my work and tasks. Thank you for the valuable strategies.


Productivity Vermont was a meeting planner’s dream! From the early planning stages to the actual presentation, Porter Knight made my life easy, and the presentation was absolutely terrific – extremely professional, informative, aspirational, energetic, and entertaining. It doesn’t get any better.

Training Coordinator

With a safe place for my papers and a system for email, I can now pursue my big projects! You made working on getting organized both easy and fun, teaching me to celebrate my successes and helping me build confidence while I learned to maintain my systems.

Vice-President Human Resources

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Our powerful strategies have helped thousands of executives, employees, and entrepreneurs acquire a greater sense of purpose, hone their decision-making skills, and achieve greater life balance while boosting their performance at work.

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