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The hours in a day are finite yet the demands on your time seem limitless.  How can you effectively get your work done when you’re pulled in so many different directions?  And how can you get it done faster without sacrificing quality? Would you like to feel in control of your schedule (rather than feel controlled by it)?

Productivity Vermont will teach you how to reassert control over your day, learn to focus on what needs to be done, stop doing the things that pull you away from your goals, and achieve excellence without falling into the trap of perfection.

TrueTime™ Planning

The traditional approach to time management simply doesn’t work. We’ve designed a powerful new system called TrueTime™ Planning, which integrates workflow and scheduling. By understanding the realities of scheduling, you can learn the secret to balance, and the antidote to being overwhelmed.  You’ll be able to realistically coordinate your calendar and your environment to achieve your highest level of performance. TrueTime Planning ensures that you always know what to do, and when you can realistically do it.

Productivity Vermont teaches workplace productivity and time management in Burlington Vermont, Montpelier Vermont, Middlebury Vermont, and throughout the Champlain and Waitsfield Valleys.


"With a safe place for my papers and a system for email, I can now pursue my big projects! You made working on getting organized both easy and fun, teaching me to celebrate my successes and helping me build confidence while I learned to maintain my systems."

Gina Larrow
Vice-President Human Resources,
Co-operative Insurance Companies,
Middlebury, Vermont