If you want to organize your home or residential spaces in Vermont, we recommend these Professional Organizers.

Gwen Farrington
Organizing since 2003

I’ve moved 14 times in 31 years of marriage, and in every job I had in the years before motherhood I was frequently called upon to do all sorts of organizing. I became a professional organizer when I realized that I wanted to use my skills for organizing to help other people.

I love seeing my clients get better and better at making the decisions necessary to clear out clutter from their homes and offices.

In addition to organizing expertise, I bring patience and understanding with me when I visit a client.

To describe the experience of working with me, clients often express relief because the job is in front of them, but they have enlisted my help with the task, and we have a plan in place to conquer clutter, and joy when they finish the job for the day. And frequently clients declare that the experience has “taken a weight off my shoulders”!

Every job is different, but I love the challenge of figuring out an organizing dilemma, and then working through it with my client. I also enjoy doing presentations about getting organized.

I love to be with my family, to garden, to read, to travel, and to watch movies. I am an active volunteer both at church and in my community. One of my most satisfying volunteer projects has been to organize the complete move of a local school library (30,000+ books), and help plan a major renovation of that same library.

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Lisa B. Barland,
The Organized Space

Organizing since 2003

Becoming a Professional Organizer was a natural transition from my previous role as a business manager, where maintaining organized systems was a daily activity.

What I love about being a PO is knowing the service I provide makes a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy making people feel happy and excited about the space they use every day.

I work side by side with each client to create systems that address their individual organizing challenges. Each system is unique to the client, their personal needs and space. I also have experience working with clients that have ADHD in adults and children..

“Lighter,” more “energized” and “motivated” are words my clients continue to use when we have completed an organizing session.

I enjoy working with all types of clients, especially home-based businesses and families. I have also done Organizing segments on Channel 3, WCAX.

I live in Williston with my husband, two teenage children and Jack, our dog. I enjoy skiing in Vermont, traveling, gardening, spending time with family and volunteering in my community.

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