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Porter Knight
Certified Professional Organizer®

Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Are you feeling stressed out, stretched thin, and disorganized? Do you, or your staff, need new strategies to be more effective?

You can get more done with less stress.  Our personalized approach to workplace productivity offers life-changing techniques that will help you gain confidence as you learn to get organized.

With our proven strategies, you'll discover a greater sense of control and build conviction in your decision-making. You'll feel more centered, and better equipped to achieve your goals and advance your career.

Need individual training? We work collaboratively, listen closely without judgment, customize solutions to meet your unique challenges, and offer valuable support as you refine new skills and habits.  Call now for 1:1 consulting!

Want to boost your staff's productivity? Our group workshops are lively and engaging, tailored for your audience, and filled with practical tips and strategies that your staff can start using right away.  Call now to invite Productivity Vermont to speak at your event!

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Powerful and inspiring workshops for groups of all sizes and types.

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Personalized, hands-on training to help you be more effective at work.

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